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Sheet metal fabrication, which is AMADA's business domain, can be manufactured by combining general purpose dies without dedicated dies, like press working. With the benefit of its flexibility, it is widely used in high-mix low-volume production.

However, high-mix low-volume production, which has been the major mode of business conducted by small factories, lacks the advantages of scale. As a result, these small factories are facing challenges of continuity - continuity of manufacturing skills and business continuity.

Metal fabrication remains absolutely necessary as its products are widely used in the manufacturing industry, and is indispensable for revitalizing the industry and the field in the future.

Therefore, we will strive for expanding growth opportunities, together with our customers, not only with sheet metal but also overall metal processing, and expand growth opportunities beyond providing process machinery.

the Challenge

With the latest AI and innovative technologies and open innovation, we will play a role in supporting to strengthen the ability to adapt changes in social and market values, materials and processing technologies, and the changing dynamics of the workforce.

  • 01.
    Provide a solution for the labor shortage and tools to carry on skill and knowledge of sheet metal processing utilizing AI.
  • 02.
    Provide means to adapt to new areas of processing utilizing AI and open innovation.

Monozukuri × AI

AIIL is focusing on the following two technology domains.

  • 01.
    Fabrication Informatics(Material x AI, Working Process x AI)
    Data-driven manufacturing that integrates information-science methods such as Machine Learning into conventional mechanism-based engineering methods, from material selection to design and manufacturing processes.
  • 02.
    Co-Performing(worker x machine x AI)
    Collaborative manufacturing capable of adapting to variations of product and quantity based on worker’s support and machine control tailored to worker’s skill and condition.

Case Project

Co-Performing Experimental Environment
Co-Performing Experimental Environment
Established an experimental environment in the Center of Garage in the Oshiage area. Launched scientific analysis and modeling of workers, machines, and tools with the aim to materialize the Co-Perfor